We are proud to be a part of this organization. Our company has to go through annual audits to make sure our equipment and skills are up to date with every new electrical regulation which comes out.

Periodic inspections
All installations no matter how small or large require testing not just after installation but after a period of time Usually 5 years. These can be used to determine if a property is safe, up to current regulation, In need of remedial works or simply require ripping out and starting again. Very useful when buying or selling in order to get a detailed description of the condition of an installation.
Home/office networks
In stalled in virtually every office and now in new build homes. This facility gives the customer the flexibility of having a computer, telephone,TV or such anywhere in the house via a structured cable installation.
Electrical fixed wiring
Testing can be carried out to new and existing installations.
Data cabling and home networking
Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 cables: These are all types of communication cables which are used to allow computers to receive and send information.
Security and Fire systems

Door access
Security lighting
Fire alarms


All these services can range from domestic, commercial and industrial installations. They can be as simple or complex as requested to comply with the specification we are working to.